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CGAF 2015 from CGArtsFest on Vimeo.

Featured Poster Artist

Featured Poster Artist



2015 Poster Artist


French-American artist and internationally recognized painter Duaív joins the Coconut Grove Arts Festival as this year’s official poster artist for the 52nd Annual event.

Duaív has spent his lifetime nurturing, fostering and sharing the arts with the world. Born off the coast of France near Bordeaux to a classical pianist mother and a sculptor father, it was hard to deny the artistic talents that ran through his veins. Duaív picked up his first paintbrush by age three, completed his first oil painting by age nine and was a talented cellist throughout his childhood and adolescence. 

Having a passion for both music and art, when Duaív was older he made a decision to become a master of each craft and enrolled in the most respected art intuitions in Paris. Under Bernard Michelin at the Conservatoire Nationale de Musique he pursued cello training, while also completing his studies in painting at École des Beaux-Arts.

Soon thereafter, Duaív’s art and music began taking him everywhere, opening doors to incredible opportunities. When he was twenty-five, he met artist Salvador Dalí. In 2003, world renowned cellist, Yo-Yo Ma, sponsored Duaív’s immigration to the United States, and in 2011, he became an American citizen. These encounters continued to inspire Duaív throughout his career, constantly reminding him to blend his passion for the arts by weaving his music into his painting and throughout his daily life.

Throughout the years, here and abroad, Duaív has received a multitude of awards and accolades. One of those most special to him was when HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark awarded him with the Commander of the Order of the Star of Europe, European Foundation Prize, for his efforts to promote and assist contemporary artists and his home country. He continues to exhibit all over the world in favorite locations such as France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Tunisia, Australia and across the United States.

Duaív joins the Festival’s selective group of official poster artists that includes such notable favorites as Guy Harvey, Maria Reyes Jones, Jacqueline Roch, Xavier Cortada, Clyde Butcher, Rick Garcia, Lisa Remeny, Alexander Mijares and Romero Britto.

This year’s poster image encompasses Duaív’s signature uplifting and bright style with one of Coconut Grove’s most emblematic icons. Titled “Voiliere” – and meaning “sailboat” in French – Duaív blends his own fascination of marine imagery with scenes from that of Miami’s own famous harbor in Biscayne Bay. Although only using six to eight colors on his palette, Duaív presents a full spectrum of hues that shine under the South Florida sun and create a colorful movement across the canvas.