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Featured Poster Artist

Featured Poster Artist



2016 Poster Artist

“Grove Regatta”

Madeliene Abling, a Florida transplant from Ohio who previously was a practicing attorney, became an artist after living on a boat and migrating up and down the East Coast of the U.S.

It was then that she consciously made the decision to paint professionally. A self-taught artist, Abling works from her studio in Fort Lauderdale where she currently lives.

Finding brushes too constricting, Abling paints with a palette knife, which she feels automatically leads to bold imagery and strong definitive marks.

Her work is figurative, with an impressionistic twist. This year’s poster image, “Grove Regatta,” captures a contemporary, evocative and graceful depiction of today’s Coconut Grove scene.

The sailboats, water, and buildings are reduced to their essential form with few details to draw the eye away from the image as a whole. Abling’s paintings typically focus on a single object and invite the viewer to share her unique vision.

Abling’s work has been on exhibit in many galleries throughout the U.S., including the Williams McCall Gallery on Miami Beach, the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA, and the James Beard Foundation Greenhouse Gallery in New York. Abling joins the Festival’s exclusive group of official poster artists, including Guy Harvey, Maria Reyes Jones, Jacqueline Roch, Xavier Cortada, Clyde Butcher, Rick Garcia, Lisa Remeny, Alexander Mijares and Romero Britto.