Global Food Village

There is something to please every palate, with a variety of international delights on display in theĀ Global Food Village in Myers Park along South Bayshore Drive. The Coconut Grove Arts FestivalĀ® has long been recognized as one of the premier fine arts festivals in the United States. It has achieved such notoriety largely because Festival organizers have had an unwavering commitment to excellence and a willingness to work tirelessly each year to make the event better.

The Village developed by SWARM Inc. will include exclusive vendors serving a wide variety of culinary delights. There will also be a variety of the traditional “pushcart vendors” located along the show route from McFarlane Road to South Bayshore Drive providing easy-to-handle foods such as arepas, soft pretzels, ice cream, soy nuts, lemonade, and fresh fruit smoothies that can be eaten while strolling along the Festival route.

At the festival, culinary choices are endless with an extensive menu guaranteed to satisfy your hunger, one bite at a time.